Can You Strengthen Intuition?

The Question: How does one train the mind to primarily function intuitively?


Once you are an adult, your mind’s style of thinking is basically set. You may make tweaks, but your preferred mode of resolving ambiguous situation is fairly fixed: verbal reasoning or intuitive completion.


In younger days, if trained in an academic style of arranged facts and deductive conclusions, you’ll end up favoring verbally reasoned arguments with stated assumptions.

However, an emphasis on art, music, and creative writing often leads to exposure to examples of successful creations in which you grasp the pattern and features that make the art work for you. That style of learning strengthens a student’s reliance and belief on intuitive insights.

Brain Uses Both

Although the brain uses both approaches, shuttling the results back and forth—applying logic to insights and filling in gaps with intuition—most people do develop a fondness for a final tiebreaker mode.

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