Glossary #

Word Definition Other
3S Imperatives Imperative. An obligatory act or duty. The first, food, water, and chemical levels, developed with the earliest organisms. The second, reproduction, arose with invertebrates. The third, individual awareness, appeared with primates. 1. Satiety originates in the brainstem 2. Sex originates in the midbrain 3. Safety originates once we can remember, with hippocampus (limbic system) myelination age 4-5.
100-Step Rule A simple human reaction has been measured to require about 500 ms, while a single neuronal activity requires 5 ms. Thus a basic human reaction consists of roughly 100 consequential neural firings. Most of the 100 steps occur in areas of the spinal cord and brainstem, limbic system, and enhanced sensory processing lobes of the brain which occur prior to word assignments and conscious awareness.